Friday, January 26, 2018

I Sell Shoes...

I sell shoes. Not just any shoes though. I sell American made, handcrafted, high quality and high comfort shoes.

Who do I work for and what shoes do I sell?


I am proud to work for this family owned and operated business. They take pride in what they do. They respect and reward their employees. SAS strives for excellence, professionalism and forward-thinking progress.

If you don't know us, our shoes or our history, you should. Visit  and get familiar with the most comfortable shoes you've never had.

We have some great savings happening this weekend In Store and Online too. Stop by my store at SAS Tanger Outlets Jeffersonville, OH or one of our many locations today. (Our webite has a fantastic store locator feature.)

(I had some great visuals for you to view, but they won't upload at this time. My apologies for a decrepit old computer...LOL!)


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hello again

I was showing my daughter, Bekah, some of the things that I had done in the past. Newspaper articles that I had written. Projects I had been involved in. And this, little blog where I shared my tiny creative achievements. In her golden brown eyes, I was somebody "famous" and important. LOL!
Sharing those few moments with her, I realized something, I miss doing this. It was FUN! It was inexpensive, because let's face it, if it cost a fortune to blog we would have a lot fewer bloggers in the world. It was a great way to connect with people who shared my interests and do a little networking and a lot of friendship building.
I'm out of practice. My writing has been neglected as have my paper-crafting, my sewing, my housekeeping and my self-interest. I'd like to take a little time to cultivate some of those areas of my life again.
So, here goes nothing...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to Creativity

Last post was regarding the possibility of learning the guitar. One item on my bucket list. That didn't work out. Lots of life in between and now we are current...LOL!
So, I'm having a bit of surgery at the end of the month. Not looking forward to it. Nothing serious but rather debilitating while I heal. I'll be on crutches for up to six weeks followed by rehabilitation for my right ankle and foot. (Yes, my clumsy antics finally caught up with me and I tore a tendon in my right ankle. POOH!)
Since I'll be unable to walk, drive or otherwise make any real contribution to life for a while, I've been planning a few projects to keep me busy.
1- Reading...I have several books ready to go. The first I want to conquer is one I've already started. Never enough reading time. I have three others lined up and I'll be happy to share that later.
2- Small crafty projects for the girls. I'm thinking along the lines of rag dolls.
3- My art journal. I started one ages ago. I loved working on it but I haven't really had the time to focus on art for a very long time. No where to work on it in all the clutter around here. My table tops are covered in things needed weeded out of my life. Things that just seem to drain the energy out of me when I see them all lying about.
Which means the next couple of weeks I have TONS of work to be done here in the house. Redecorating the back bedroom formerly occupied by my eldest daughter. It has now become a retreat for chaos and needs cleared out and repainted. Not to mention the carpet needs pulled and flooring put down. Since this will be my creativity space I'm leaning toward vinyl. Easy to clean up.
Then there is preparing meals ahead of time. I want to help Todd as much as possible by preparing some meals and freezing them. He'll be working so hard the first couple of weeks helping with the kids and doing nearly everything. I've already been told the first two weeks are primary in my recovery and that I WILL NOT be able to deviate from my surgeon's instructions. Well, not if I want to walk normally after this is over. I think it will be difficult to be still and not do what comes naturally but it's only short term and we will all survive.
So, now, the reason I started this post to begin with, is to say I've found a new site to help with the Art Journaling process. I have always liked Tam at Willowing.ning  she is so friendly and encouraging and offers a free class that helps with Mixed Media journaling and techniques. Today, I signed up with her again. While there I followed a link to another site.  Jennibellie. She is offering free journaling classes too. I'm very excited about the possibilities and wanted to share the information.
Stay tuned for updates. I'll post things here that aren't too personal.
Keep your hands busy!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bucket List and MORE

Okay, my last post was about my personal Bucket List. One thing on my list was to learn to play the guitar. Do I own a guitar...NO. However, recently I came into a little bit of knowledge that may help me in my endeavor to learn to play.

It seems a new co-worker is a guitar player and has given lessons in the past. I'm also told that I could use one of his guitars because he has several. He understands I just want to learn some basics so I can play some of the kid songs my girls like to sing and a few of our Kingdom Melodies...especially our favorite, "Listen Obey and Be Blessed".

Now all we need to do is establish a price and time. I'm kind of excited.

Also, my little girls are going to start taking ballet lessons this June. They are so happy about it. I do hope they enjoy it and also that I can learn their warm up routine because, let's face it, ballet dancers are pretty fit ladies and gents. A fun thing for us all to do and help them to keep up on their lessons.

Tennessee is coming up quickly, still don't know if we are in a cabin (please, please, please) a hotel or a yurt...(I'm having LOTS of reservations about a yurt with this crew...LOL). Either way it works out, I'm looking forward to some rest and relaxation with my family. We need a few days to just be. I'd love to do some exploring and avoid the commercial tourist traps. Keep it simple and enjoy the bounty of God's creations.

I'll be sure to try to post photos as soon as I can. I'm hoping for some amazing photos of the girls in the mountains. They've never really got to experience them up close and personal. Anna and Brooke loved the area the last time we went...nearly 10 years ago. It is my whole hearts desire that Bekah and Aubrey will be as fascinated with simple joys of nature.

Keep your hands busy!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bucket List...

My Bucket List is growing. Finding some similar items on my friends' lists. It seems a few of us may be trying to head to Italy in the next few years. Tuscany...look out! We are heading your way.
Also, had a very busy week at work with a mix of sick children. Children doing better, work slowing down but it was a very rewarding week. Had some fantastic feedback and our remodel is complete. The store looks amazing and honestly, I see now why we call it a "refresh". The new d├ęcor helps give a refreshed attitude about our store, company and with the new product's going to be fabulous! I'm really excited about it.
Off to bed...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Other fun projects...

I was talking with my oldest, dearest friend today and we have decided to create our Bucket Lists. We want to see if we can assist each other in creating some lasting memories for ourselves and fun stories for our children, nieces and nephews. A Legacy of Adventures so-to-speak.
There was also talk of beginning an art journal. I've played with art journaling and I enjoyed it. Once my sewing/craft room is set up I intend to take on some projects that have itching to be completed. Its just too difficult without a place to create right now.
Some Bucket List items I already know I'll be listing are: Joining the Theocratic Ministry School again. (Hopefully with my Bekah, she really wants to join too.); Zip-lining across Hocking Hills; Learning to play the guitar (always been a desire of mine) ; flying in an airplane...I'm 41 and I've never flown and of course losing the weight my doctor wants me to...
I'm looking forward to creating the list and working on checking off some of those "boxes". I'm really excited to know that my bestest buddy is going to do this with me. I wonder how many of our items will be the same? Hmmm? It sure will be fun to find out.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Pages Added

So I've added some new pages to my blog. The YoR (Year of Revival) Goals are for my personal goals for this year. I'm sharing to help with accountability and to keep track of how I'm doing. The pages are up if you want to view them. If you want to leave a comment, just do so on the current blog post.
Thanks for your time.