Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to Creativity

Last post was regarding the possibility of learning the guitar. One item on my bucket list. That didn't work out. Lots of life in between and now we are current...LOL!
So, I'm having a bit of surgery at the end of the month. Not looking forward to it. Nothing serious but rather debilitating while I heal. I'll be on crutches for up to six weeks followed by rehabilitation for my right ankle and foot. (Yes, my clumsy antics finally caught up with me and I tore a tendon in my right ankle. POOH!)
Since I'll be unable to walk, drive or otherwise make any real contribution to life for a while, I've been planning a few projects to keep me busy.
1- Reading...I have several books ready to go. The first I want to conquer is one I've already started. Never enough reading time. I have three others lined up and I'll be happy to share that later.
2- Small crafty projects for the girls. I'm thinking along the lines of rag dolls.
3- My art journal. I started one ages ago. I loved working on it but I haven't really had the time to focus on art for a very long time. No where to work on it in all the clutter around here. My table tops are covered in things needed weeded out of my life. Things that just seem to drain the energy out of me when I see them all lying about.
Which means the next couple of weeks I have TONS of work to be done here in the house. Redecorating the back bedroom formerly occupied by my eldest daughter. It has now become a retreat for chaos and needs cleared out and repainted. Not to mention the carpet needs pulled and flooring put down. Since this will be my creativity space I'm leaning toward vinyl. Easy to clean up.
Then there is preparing meals ahead of time. I want to help Todd as much as possible by preparing some meals and freezing them. He'll be working so hard the first couple of weeks helping with the kids and doing nearly everything. I've already been told the first two weeks are primary in my recovery and that I WILL NOT be able to deviate from my surgeon's instructions. Well, not if I want to walk normally after this is over. I think it will be difficult to be still and not do what comes naturally but it's only short term and we will all survive.
So, now, the reason I started this post to begin with, is to say I've found a new site to help with the Art Journaling process. I have always liked Tam at Willowing.ning  she is so friendly and encouraging and offers a free class that helps with Mixed Media journaling and techniques. Today, I signed up with her again. While there I followed a link to another site.  Jennibellie. She is offering free journaling classes too. I'm very excited about the possibilities and wanted to share the information.
Stay tuned for updates. I'll post things here that aren't too personal.
Keep your hands busy!

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