Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hello again

I was showing my daughter, Bekah, some of the things that I had done in the past. Newspaper articles that I had written. Projects I had been involved in. And this, little blog where I shared my tiny creative achievements. In her golden brown eyes, I was somebody "famous" and important. LOL!
Sharing those few moments with her, I realized something, I miss doing this. It was FUN! It was inexpensive, because let's face it, if it cost a fortune to blog we would have a lot fewer bloggers in the world. It was a great way to connect with people who shared my interests and do a little networking and a lot of friendship building.
I'm out of practice. My writing has been neglected as have my paper-crafting, my sewing, my housekeeping and my self-interest. I'd like to take a little time to cultivate some of those areas of my life again.
So, here goes nothing...

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