Thursday, February 13, 2014

Other fun projects...

I was talking with my oldest, dearest friend today and we have decided to create our Bucket Lists. We want to see if we can assist each other in creating some lasting memories for ourselves and fun stories for our children, nieces and nephews. A Legacy of Adventures so-to-speak.
There was also talk of beginning an art journal. I've played with art journaling and I enjoyed it. Once my sewing/craft room is set up I intend to take on some projects that have itching to be completed. Its just too difficult without a place to create right now.
Some Bucket List items I already know I'll be listing are: Joining the Theocratic Ministry School again. (Hopefully with my Bekah, she really wants to join too.); Zip-lining across Hocking Hills; Learning to play the guitar (always been a desire of mine) ; flying in an airplane...I'm 41 and I've never flown and of course losing the weight my doctor wants me to...
I'm looking forward to creating the list and working on checking off some of those "boxes". I'm really excited to know that my bestest buddy is going to do this with me. I wonder how many of our items will be the same? Hmmm? It sure will be fun to find out.

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