Monday, June 11, 2012

Two Little Princesses

Okay, let me start by saying I've had no sleep and therefore, may be a bit unusual...even for me.

Today Anna is having a Princess Tea Party Themed Jewelry Party at her Grandmother's house. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out the princess material I've been hoarding for the little ones and make them a special outfit. Aubrey has been on me to make her something special since I made Anna's prom dress.

So, we made our plans, picked out our patterns and I scrimped together some remnant pieces and dug out the fabric I've been hoarding for nearly two years now.

Let me see if I have any pics I can insert here...

Yay! I kept the photos. So yeah, some sewing stash that we picked through, patterns the girls chose themselves out of a stack of them and finally the fabrics I decided to work with.

Okay, in the process of this we also picked up some flip-flops at Hobby Lobby the other day because Sophie has chewed two as of about 4:00 AM...THREE PAIR of Bekah's flip-flops. Now, any princess I know has always worn beautiful coordinating "slippers" with her lovely attire. So....

Yes, that is pink tulle shaped into bows with a daisy. Both girls have a similar flower in their outfit.

Now, after hours of sewing and an entirely sleepless night we end up with these, (and may I say I'm SOOOOOO Happy with how they turned out)...

Can't wait to see the girls in them. They have no idea how they turned out.

Well...timer just went off telling me the cupcakes are done.

Keep Your Hands Busy!



  1. Gwen, YOU are THE Princess, working so diligently to create these gorgeous outfits by hand for your daughters!! Love, Lori

  2. Gwen, the dresses are just absolutely precious... love the colors and fabrics...


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