Friday, June 8, 2012

Ronald McDonald & Fayette County Museum

My girls and I signed up for several events at the library this month. The library had so many great adventures to choose from. We signed up for our top three and this week we got to go to two of those events.

The first event was a program with Ronald McDonald. He was trying to do his best to get the little ones excited about reading books, reading with enthusiasm and taking care of the library books. He was quite the clown...magic, humor, he had it all. It was a fun show.

Today we went on a tour of the Fayette County Museum. This was a special treat for me. So much to see in that house and so much history to be gleaned from its walls. It was truly an interesting experience and I was especially surprised at how intrigued my girls were with what they saw.

(In the library of the home)
(Artwork by Bessie Cleveland-Children's Illustrator)

At the end of the tour they handed out little questionnaires that allowed the kids to do a scavenger hunt throughout the museum. It was so much fun! I love asking the questions and getting the responses from Bekah and Aubrey. I was very surprised by some of them.

(Kitchen cupboard)

The last question was: "What do you think is the coolest thing in the museum? Why?"

Bekah's answer: The mastodon teeth, because they are so BIG!

Aubrey went a different route. She walked me over to a 1934 wedding dress. She pointed at the dress and said it was her favorite. When I asked, "why", she answered: "Because I think it is so pretty". Truth be told, I didn't even realize she'd noticed that dress. Funny what kids see when we don't think they are paying attention. That goes for so much in life...

(The dress that captured Aubrey's attention)

Well, nearly nap time so I must go for now.

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