Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Pink Peony Dress Refashion

When working with this shirt I started thinking about one of my favorite bushes...peony. The blush pink of the blouse reminds me of the soft pink peonies you sometimes see. Not white, not bright hot pink but a pale soft little blossoms of cotton candy growing on a bush.

Later when the ruffles took shape, it really sent the image home with me so I decided that I would call this dress my pink peony dress. (Even though the florals on the skirt are tropical.)

So, the pictures are pretty self explanatory. If you read my post on Anna's Refashioned dress then you get the idea of how this works.

Started with this:

Cut off flowers, put in some tucks and cut off bottom:

Used part of the bottom to create a ruffle for the neckline:

Added some more ruffle to create some extra pretty:

Here you can see where I cut the edges with pinking shears to add a little extra "texture". I also added some stitches to hold the ruffles in place once they get in the washer. A zigzag stitch down the center of the neckline ruffle to allow for any stretching that may need to happen when putting this over my big fat head...LOL!

Time for an intermission...

This intermission has been brought to you by hill-billy sewists everywhere. Because you just can't operate your sewing machine when you have on shoes and socks...
That's right! I absolutely can not sew with my shoes on and even socks seem to get in my way. Am I a weirdo for doing this? Probably, but we all have our certain little idiosyncrasies and it makes the world a much more interesting place...right?

Now back to the project...

Time for the skirt:


Pin and stitch...

Now what the photos don't really show you is that I pinned this the wrong way and had to completely undo the seam. Later I had to undo some areas that got caught in the seam. My quick project ended up taking quite a bit longer than expected...OIY!

Anna took a photo of me so everybody could see the dress on a person. I think the position enhances the girth of my waist...honestly this dress hangs loose around the waist and feels great.

Had to have one of my classic goofy faces for the post...hehehe!
So that is it. A simple little dress made from a shirt that I barely used and a thrift store skirt that cost me a whopping 99 cents.

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  1. Wow Gwen! This is AWESOME! Thanks so much for posting this. Ive got the sewing bug right now and although I get frustrated and feel like giving up (working on a custom bodice block)I refuse to give in!! I'm gonna lick this thang! I would like to do some of these repurposing projects and get my confidence back (and feel thrifty and useful)Came out great!


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