Sunday, June 3, 2012

Refashion Project

Anna wanted to do some shopping today with her new found B-day money she got from her Dad and his side of the family. So, we went to the thrift store and Goodwill. She found a few fun things. A couple that we could refashion into a cute summer dress.

So here is what we started with:

And this:

The top was super cute but hung too long and Anna was not impressed with the side tie sash. So we decided to combine the two pieces and create a fun little summer frock she could make and easy breezy go-to-dress.


Figure out how long you actually want the shirt portion to be and then cut off the extra.

Second...create gathers...

Setting the stitch length to the longest stitch I made two rows of stitches about 1/4 inch apart...


holding onto the "bobbin" threads...slide the fabric along creating gathers...


pin shirt to wrong side of skirt (did this due to the decorative edge on the skirt, wanted to maintain that feature) being sure to match seams and spread the gathers evenly.


Stitch, I used a zigzag stitch because of the elastic waist on the skirt. Following two of the decorative stitch rows, I zigged and zagged right over them creating an invisible attatchment. Then I pulled the waistband to its limits and popped all the gathering rows (straight stitches don't stretch, but zigzags do), pulled the loose threads out and ended up with this...

an easy little frock all ready for a beautiful summer day. Its casual enough to use for every day but pretty enough to wear out to dinner with family.

Anna wearing it, notice how the top blouses over the skirt a bit. Wanted this to allow her to have breathability on hot, hot days.

She's even pretty without her makeup and her, I-just-pulled-my-hair-back-to-wash-my-face look.

This is her right after she made a hiliarious face...caught her in the middle of laughing at herself.

Well, I'm planning on making a couple of refashion dresses for myself too. Have a floral print skirt I got for 99 cents to pair up with a blouse I've had that I never have anything to wear with. Also a mulit print top I got for $1.99 and a great little jersey skirt I got for a whopping 99 cents as well! 

I love wearing loose skirts and dresses in the summer months and I'm so excited about the ease of this project and the fact that my tops and skirts will be matched out and ready to go. Easy, breezy, we come!

Keep Your Hands Busy!


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  1. Wow, Gwen...great repurpose on that dress.... that is my kind of project.... You made a darling dress.


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