Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Plans...

Are you making plans for your summer break? Well, for your child(ren)'s summer break? We are trying to.

I'm going out on a limb here and I'm exposing all of my plans. Why do I say that? That way? Because these, like many things I do are "good intentions". I'm going to sincerely work at seeing that are more than just that and that they actually are accomplished. However, a couple of these may be a bit lofty...I had help from my girls in deciding quantities and I'm not sure they are practical but we will do our utmost to see them through.



1) Our first adventure is going to be to the Carnegie Public Library. Where, Miss Bekah Hesson will apply for her very own library card. (When I told her about this she literally teared up...she is so happy and I think its absolutely adorable!)

2) If you have a library card, you need to use it! With the help of Bekah and Aubrey the decision is to read 100 BOOKS this summer. Now we are not talking picture books...oh, no, nothing that simple. The goal is to finish reading the Junie B. series we started (about 10 left), move on to the first Fancy Nancy Chapter book (I'm looking forward to this one) and then begin the Ivy & Bean series (we currently have the 1st book in the series). We will more than likely re-read some of our favorite early readers too. Our Fancy Nancy books never get boring!

Along with the fun books we will read My Book of Bible Stories and then start in Listening to the Great Teacher. We have to get our bible history in there its important to revisit these often.

On top of taking full advantage of our local library I plan to access WeGiveBooks.com too. They have thousands of books you can read online and its a great program to assist those in impoverished areas to receive books of their own. There is no way to lose with this program...its free...you can help your child cultivate a love of reading...you can revisit your favorites from you own childhood...you can help a child to receive the gift of reading and their own books. If you don't know this program, I sincerely hope you'll check it out.

3) Bekah and I want to include Field Service in our weekly schedule. At least two days a week. She's asked that I allow her to hand literature to our interested neighbors and that just makes me smile. She'd also like me to help her learn to read a scripture at the door as part of the presentation. I love her interest in spiritual things and I'm so happy that she excited about the ministry.

4) Weekly craft projects. Some of these I'm planning to turn into play dates with friends and cousins.

5) Picnic and Park mid-morning adventures. Since I'm heat and sun sensitive, I'd like to take the girls to the park to play mid-morning and then break for a picnic lunch. This could be a fun thing to do after mid-week field service and a nice way to reward them for behaving (granted they do) while we are out. Another non-expensive excursion that we can invite friends to.

6) Nature Walks - we will be taking along a checklist of nature items such as animals, birds, trees, wildflowers and objects. As the kids spy out the things on the list they will be able to check them off and gain points. The points can later be used for computer time on ABCMouse.com.

7) Game days - spent playing board games and hopfully doing this with our grandparents! We have three grandmas and two grandpas who love to spend time with the girls. It would be so much fun to invite them over to play a board game (or go visit them) and then have a simple lunch or dinner. I think it would be a great way to spend time together.

8) Beach days/sand play - okay Deer Creek isn't the most fantastic get-a-way location but its close and the kids really enjoyed playing in the sand last time. There is also a playground with picnic tables close to the beach. Its a fun way to get them out and discovering. Again, early day activity.

9) We plan on taking in a couple of movies. The original plan was to go to the drive-in in Wilmington, however, they are not opening due to financial reasons. I was so disappointed when I learned about this. So, we may get to one or two movies (it costs a fortune taking the whole family) and maybe plan a movie night or two with all the fun snacks and popcorn. I will even set up the seating like a theater. We've done that before and the girls loved it!

10) School Work! Yes, I said it...SCHOOL WORK! I don't want Bekah to lose the information she's worked so hard to gain this year in Kindergarten. So, I'm planning on doing some learning activities here at home during our break. Especially with handwriting. I've got some activities planned that will fit into other categories too. Games are a great way to keep the learning processes going, reading all those books will surely help her to keep up her love of the written word, the crafts will help with following directions and measurements (math), etc. So, in a sneaky kind of way I've planned  an entire summer of learning and discovery using the tools that work best...PLAY!

Now the tricky part...creating the actual calendar. We have some fun things coming up, a famiy trip to the DC area (I am so EXCITED about this). Then we have Todd's company outing to the Columbus Zoo (a favorite of ours) and Zoombizie Bay (the zoo's water park). I think the kids are more interested in the water park than DC. I suppose they should be, they can't comprehend the history and possibilities that DC will offer.

So, now you see why I'm saying that my plans are made with good intentions. Lots of plans to fit into a schedule that will be including me working part time. (I'm told my position for the at home data entry position will start soon. The team is being assembled and the new sales department will be hard at work soon. Yay!)

So, what is everybody else doing? Any trips planned? Any exciting programs you'll be attending? Or, are you just going to take it easy and see what the summer brings? (I wish I didn't have to plan everything all the time. I just have no idea how to "take it easy" if it isn't scheduled...LOL!)

Keep Your Hands Busy!


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