Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sock Painting

Before I go any further, let me say this is not an original idea. I borrowed the idea from another blogger, Disney and her daughter, Paige. Disney has some great ideas for big girls like me and for little girls like Aubrey and Bekah too. Check her out HERE on her blog ~Ruffles and Stuff~.

Being inspired by a cute post by Paige and her momma, I decided to do this craft with my little girls. The days have been so hot that they can't play outside quite as much so I need activities to keep them occupied.

I purchased some socks. Got a six pack for only $3.88
Then picked up some fabric paint. A three pack for $2.97

The rest of the supplies I had at home.

Total cost of project: $6.85

1) We gathered our supplies

2) We created our own templates using punches. First, punching the image desired for the sock. Second, punching the circle shape around the existing image to create a small template that we could tape to the sock and paint with.

3) To keep the paint from bleeding through to the back of the sock, we inserted cardboard cut outs.

4) Here you can see the girls painting inside the template to leave the image on the sock.

5) A pretty little line of socks....

Now for the fun part....modeling the socks!

 Here are my babies after their bath. Both in their nighties and wearing the socks they were most excited about.

I just love them...so much...

We are planning on doing several projects over the summer and we will be sharing. What are you and your little ones planning? We'd love to hear about your projects too.

Keep Your Hands Busy!


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