Monday, May 7, 2012

Sew Crazy about PROM!

Many may know that my eldest daughter is 16 and this year was her Junior Prom. I made her dress for her this year. It was truly a labor of love. However, when she stepped out of her room all ready to go, my eyes swelled up with tears...she was absolutely beautiful.

Here are some photos of her dress in progress and her big night out. Hope you enjoy!


The bodice laying on skirt sections

Inside of bodice with a special tag

Dress without the decorative extras

The rosettes I made with organza ribbons and swarovsky crystals

A few crystals added to the bodice, this added a touch of sparkle and helped hold the fabric folds in place.

I had planned on making her a cute little clutch to go with the dress. I did make one, however my lining and interfacing were too strong for the satin. So, it wouldn't turn satin side out properly. Now she has a very cute makeup pouch with a beautiful satin lining...LOL!

This picture shows what we did to replace the clutch. I grabbed one of my party bags (purchased from a thrift store for like $1.99). I made a couple more rosettes, butterfly brooch, a heart clasp with a little key tied to it in organza ribbon. The key was essential...her boyfriend gave it to her a couple of weeks ago and told her it was the key to his heart. (Sigh...young love.) It was so sweet she wanted to wear it to prom, so I figured out a way that she could. It turned out really cute. Anna loved it and Ryland was so suprised when he saw it there.

Getting her hair done...such a pretty girl...hehehe!

My beautiful girl

This is one of my favorite photos of the night. She looks so pretty. I love that our lilacs were still in bloom and looking good for the photos. Today...not so much. :)

Showing off her little purse...starting to let the personality shine.

My family trying to pose pretty...

My family just being who they are...LOL!

Anna and Ryland ready to go to prom...aren't they cute?

Now that she's done with prom, I thought the dress was going to be done too. That its brief little life was done and it would spend eternity shoved in the back of the closet. However! Anna's choir teacher told the girls she wants them to wear their formals to the spring concert...yay! The dress gets to live a little longer.

Is my sewing all done? NOPE! I've already got several projects in the waiting. Two are for my little girls. They want fun dresses made from fun patterns with princesses and pink organza...Not sure if these will be play dresses but I'm willing to let them wear them as often as they want to. All that time and energy in a dress certainly deserves some exposure...teehehehe.

Keep your hands busy!


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  1. Wow Gwen it really came out fabulous! I love seeing the "in the making" pictures, sucker for a story! the dress (and your daughter) are just breathtaking!


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