Monday, May 21, 2012

Baking with My Babies

This past Monday I wanted to spend a little time doing something fun with the girls. So, I got out the Baby Cake Cupcake Maker and whipped up some mini-cupcakes. Then, I separated the cupcakes and let the girls go crazy with frosting, sugar, candies, etc.Here are some photos of what they did.

My little pretty baby cakes cupcake maker. Not just cupcake either...I also made mushroom bites on Saturday for my Park Lane Jewelry Party...they were AWESOME! The machine comes with a little cookbook full of great appetizers, cupcake and frosting recipes. Love this little machine!

All of them making their marks on the yummies.

I did help Aubrey and Bekah with the frosting. Just swirled some on and let them do the rest. They were very intent on making their cupcakes beautiful.

This was Anna's first time using the decorating kit. She had fun with it and experimenting with different shapes using one tip.

These pretty little confections were the work of Bekah (age 6) and Aubrey (age 4).

Anna was pretty pleased with her first-time results. I think she may like to do this again. Today I asked her if we could find a class in the area would she like to take the class with me? She said "YES"! I'm on the lookout now.
Before we did the cupcakes, Bekah wanted to go out and play. She couldn't find any shorts she wanted to wear...So, I found a pair of last years pants that still fit in the waist but not in the leg. A snip here and a hem there and voi'la! We had a very usable pair of denim bermuda shorts.

Here she is in her make-shift shorts working on the cupcakes. These had already been outside playing pryor to the photo.

Please excuse the dirt on her pants and on my floor...LOL!

Well, thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my little blog. As you can see...we have many busy little hands in our house. It sure does keep things interesting!

Stop back soon and I'll show you a skirt I made for Bekah out of a T-shirt. It took just a few minutes to transform and she loves it!



  1. Oh what fun! I never saw a mini cupcake maker before, awesome! SO like how many can you eat and still call it one cupcake if you know what I mean??

  2. Wow, this is something new for me.... it was so much fun wandering through the wonderful adventure of making mini cupcakes. Cute girls. Very cute cute.


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