Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sew Crazy - Chair Recover

Okay, sew...(no, I won't be doing that all the way through this post, I promise;) here is my new blog segment all about DIY projects and sewing. Now, I am no professional by any means so if I ever post something and you know an easier or better looking way to achieve the desired results, by all means, leave me a comment and share your ideas.

Last week we had a family member who decided she needed to recover her dinning room chairs. She wasn't sure of the expense or even where to look to get this job done. Well, knowing I have a staple gun that needed to have the dust blown off of it and a little desire to be distracted from all I have to do, I volunteered to cover her chairs for her.

We talked about fabrics and colors and she let me know what she would like to see. Brown and tan. Hmm? Then she left me in charge of choosing the fabric for her ( I loved this of course...gave me some creative allowances to help make her living space a little more exciting than Brown and Tan.) I did a little browsing online and found some great clearance sales on some fabulous fabrics but they were in multiple yards that weren't needed or a single yard. Pooh!

Hobby Lobby to the rescue! I went online and printed off a 40% off coupon. Yes! You can do that if you didn't already know. A great way to save 40% off of one regular priced item.

At Hobby Lobby I found several gorgeous fabrics that would work. Each had a brown and/or tan base with multi-colors so that spills and stains wouldn't be so noticeable. They were all easy clean fabrics too. The clincher for me was price and a lovely table arrangement (not sorry). I chose a fabric that was only $16.99 per yard, easy care, long wear, fade resistant and had a gorgeous floral and fruit print that closely resembled the hydrangea floral centerpiece that sits on her dinning table.

Okay, enough chit want to see the results...right? Well, here goes! My first chair recover...

The Before

The After

Side by Side

The place mats on the table are a green as you can see in the photo. The chairs now have green in them and everything pulls together nicely. I even have enough material left over that a table runner has been requested.

Not only can I do the table runner but I think I'll have enough to do some accent pillows for the sofa that will be coming soon. Its an open space so tying both areas together with color should help make it look cohesive and homey.

Oh, the best part? I did this project for under $30!!! Yeppers, under 30 buckaroos and we still have lots of material and extra projects to create. How great is that?

Let me know what you think.

Keep your hands busy!



  1. Great job Gwen! Ive done my share of refinishing/reupholstering and its hard work but rewarding. White dining chairs were never a good idea, were they? Maybe for a table no one uses, but I give em a week in my house! lol The floral pattern is much more practical.
    btw, did you intend word verification to be on?

  2. The covered chair looks really nice! You did a good job and sew on and sew on. ;-)

  3. The covered chair looks really nice! You did a good job and sew on and sew on. ;-)


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