Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time to Heal

When I last posted, I had some minor issues with my health that turned into larger unexplained issues. After multiple tests and bloodwork, countless pills and headaches from not knowing...they are still no closer to understanding what was wrong with me.

Now, I have had the distinct pleasure (or displeasure) of homing a lovely little virus known in these parts as the "Norvo Virus". It is a nasty little bugger that causes gastroenteritis...otherwise known as the "stomach flu". It has ruined the weekend of this family starting Friday and picking off each of my family members through Monday. Bekah and I did some time in the emergency room because of it. (Poor little girl is still sporting the bruises from all the needle pricks...they never did get a vein.)

So, I'm sincerely itching to jump into a project. However, my home is a total disaster area that needs some serious tidying up and thorough disinfecting. Since I'm still not quite back to 100% me, I'm thinking I may do some cleaning and then take a break long enough to do a card. I have a very special lady in my life who has requested some of my cards. It would be nice to deliver a few to her this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, its also going to be the perfect time to start working on Anna's dress. A formal gown, that is. I absolutely must start on it or I'm afraid it won't get finished in time for her Prom. I've only got until May 4th to get it finished. Prom is May 5th! My dress form is ready to go and we have the supplies all picked out and ready. I just need to get started. I hate cutting patterns...I really do...but I guess I'll suck it up and suffer through it for my beautiful girl.

Okay, that is all that I have that may or may not be of interest since my last post. Once I'm back to myself I will try to get some pics up and projects posted. I've been finding some great inspiration on a few sewing blogs. Who knows what you might find here in the near future.



  1. OMGoodness Gwen! I've been so worried about you, wondering what was happening. You poor things! I'll be keeping you all im my prayers as you recover, I hope you get a bit of crafting time in as well,its good therapy. :)
    Can't wait to see the dress, I'm working on a baby's poncho right now. Given its size, how much you wanna bet I'll be finished first? LOL

  2. Gwen! Hi there. I'd been wondering how you've been as well. Good to hear you are on the mend and the sewing will be great fun for you!
    Cara-all's well with us, yay!


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