Friday, February 10, 2012

Hopping for Dorcas

If you are here for the hop then you came from Jen's Blog. If you need to start at the beginning then read on through and click on Stacey's link below. Stacey was our first stop on the hop.

Okay everybody if you don't know who, Dorcas is you should. She is a very talented crafter and super friendly sweetie-pie that authors Dorcas Designs.

This has been a rough week for our very caring friend so we are hopping to send her some happiness and smiles.

So here is a little card I made to send her way...
 Hoping to brighten and cheer up her day...

(Insert my photo here if I can ever get things to work properly...UGH!)

Dorcas you are truly a wonderful person.
Enjoy your hop!

Just so everybody can keep on track with the hop...your next stop is with


If for any reason you get lost or need to start the hop from the beginning just click on Stacey's link below.



  1. Great Blog Hop! I saw so many nice cards by talented ladies)) Thanks!

  2. I will come here later to put my comment if I see a card then) Thanks!

  3. Well, I'm sure the picture is awesome. Isn't blogger wonderful? LOL. (I'll stop by again later.) Hugs, dj (Debbie)

  4. I don't see it but thats just to increase anticipation, right? You one of these people who hates to spoil a surprise so you're gonna make me wait to get it in real life. LOL
    Its ok, I LOVE it already!!!

  5. Will pop back later to see your card for I won't see it in real life lol. Hugs lin

  6. No card but will pop back later


  7. Thank You so much for joining us Gwen especially when you have so sick! I know blogger can be so frustrating sometime. Look forward to seeing you thoughtful project when blogger behaves. I know Dorcas appreciates it and so do I. It is a bright spot to an otherwise dreary day!

  8. Awww, too bad your card won't load. I'll be back to take a look later on.
    Babs xo

  9. Gwen, gotta love blogger, when it's bad, it's really bad.

    I'm with Dorcas, just builds the anticipation.
    Checking back later.
    Love, Laura

  10. Sorry Blogger is still preventing you posting your card. I am sure it is great!
    Tine :)


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