Friday, October 14, 2011

New Post on my New Laptop

Okay here is my first post created using my new HP Pavilion Laptop. My last laptop was also an HP and a Pavilion. These are great little systems. My new one has more memory and is super quick. It doesn't have a large black line running through the screen. Nor has it been shoved off the arm of the couch by my very precocious three year old and had the power source messed up. (BTW, the new one has every protection plan they offered...LOL!)

So, I wanted to make a post about my brother and his lovely wife. They just celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary. Here is one photograph of them from their formal celebration.

This is John and Kimberly. Don't they look fantastic?

More pics of the party to come soon.

Keep your hands busy...


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  1. Great picture, Gwen! You and your girls looked so pretty that night.:) *hugs*


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