Monday, August 16, 2010

Wait 'Til You See the Pictures!

We've been moving three rooms in our house today. Three bedrooms. I thought we'd made some progress on all the clutter and junk...I thought WRONG! We still have so much that we aren't using and just plain can't use that is taking up space in our little modest home.

I took pictures today of the rooms as we were moving items around. I'll share them later this week. I'm planning on taking some after pics too. Those will also be posted. Wow! This is a much bigger project than I really imagined. I'm happy that my girls seem to be adjusting to the idea without any issues though. Each one seems to be enjoying her new space.

Time for bed! (Mine's in the garage right now so I'm bunking with the little girls...but that is another story...UGH!)


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  1. Good luck with your project!! Your neice is adorable!! Miss ya ;o)
    I have something for you on my blog
    Cara xoxo


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