Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Gift Card Tutorial!

Oh, if you want to see the cutest little gift card holder, made for any special occassion, you must stop by the DCRU DT Blog today. Jessica has the sweetest card holder and the complete instructions on how to make it in about 15 minutes! With all we have to do in a day a 15 minute project is a great way to get some crafty time in.

Speaking of crafty time...tomorrow we will have another DCRU Challenge posted and it will be an exciting challenge for everyone! I'm so excited about this challenge, I've been so inspired by it already. Not only did I forge the idea for a very cool project (at least I think it is pretty cool) I also managed to carry that inspiration over to painting my living room! So, when I say this is going to be an inspiring and exciting challenge...I mean it!

Our DCRU DT Blog will be full of creative tutorials for the next couple of weeks and then...are you ready...A BLOG HOP! Stay tuned for more details. I'll give them to you a little at a time.


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  1. aww thanks Gwen! So excited to put the kids to bed tonight and watch Alice! :) Thanks again for letting me know!


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