Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Gift Idea

Working on a budget? Most of us are. Here is a great little idea that is even "husband approved". (Yes, my hubby thought this was a cool idea...he actually told me so.)

I took a child's sized shoe box (perfectly sized to contain embossing folders) and decorated it with assistance from my four year old, Bekah. We added some colorful papers and ribbon, then a decorative flower embellishment. We only used what we had on hand and now we have this gorgeous, playful organizer that will keep my current folders nice and neat. It also has room to add a few more (yeah!).

Now, I used this to store my folders but I'm going to do another to sort and store my various rubber stamps. I'm embarrassed to say they are just flopping around in a drawer right now. Sad but true. I want to take a box with a lid and design a stamp sorter, complete with divider folders for the different brands I use. get the idea. If you want to create a simple, useful gift for someone...this is it! You may even want to make a starter gift by adding a stamp or folder to your box when you present it to them. What a fun way to use your creativity and help to spark someone else's!

Time Needed
1/2 hour

Supplies Needed
12x12 scrapbook paper

Keep those hands busy!



  1. Oh how adorable Gwen! Love the picture and the craft! So swee that you had a little helper!

  2. How pretty! If you could see how I keep my CB folders, you would roll your eyes! This is perfect!

  3. Very pretty, Gwen...and oh that sweet little face of Bekah!!!

  4. Its my sweet little friend Bekah! What a wonderful idea! These would be great for the limited space I have to craft.

    Claudia (DCRU)

  5. Aw, Bekah is sooo adorable! Love that lil smile :)
    What a brilliant idea! Even though I currently only own 5 folders, I would still create one cause it's sooo cute!
    TFS, Gwen! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend :*)
    ~ margie

  6. That is such a cute idea for storage!! TFS and gives me inspiration to get my "storage" solution done instead of throwing them in a ordinary plastic container! :D

  7. Bekah is such a cutie!!!! This is an adorable box too! Off to look for some of Matthew's old shoeboxes!!! Thanks for sharing girl!!!

  8. Hi, Gwen! Aww, Bekah is too cute!! So nice that you have a wonderful little helper! The storage box is adorable :o)

  9. Bekah is toooooo cute! Great storage box-thanks for the idea :)


  10. Great idea Gwen, it looks gorgeous and it's a great organizer! Super sweet picture of your beautiful Bekah, she is such a cutie! ~Diane


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