Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Fairy Party

Here they little forrest fairies. We all had a fun time this afternoon playing dress up and having Grandmas visit. The children played a ball toss game and watched the Tinkerbell movie while I fixed lunch. Then lunch and lots of begging for dessert...Fairy Cakes! (Well, cupcakes with lots of sprinkles and decorations.)

By the end of the afternoon, kids were all wound up, Grandmas were wondering how I can do this every day and I...well, I had a strong desire for a nap in a very quiet room. I opted for a trip to the post office instead. When we got back, Bekah and I had a tea party with her stuffed animals and then took a cuddle on the sofa while Aubrey napped. was a perfect day.


  1. What cuties.... just darling lil' peeps. Thanks, Gwen, for stopping by my blog to say hello and leave a sweet comment. I loved seeing your challenge card featuring that wonderful embroidery machine. I know you will love it as much as I love mine. And OH, I love your new blog page. Bright n' colorful and cute.
    You take care of yourself...

  2. What an absolutely adorable bunch of photos! SO cute! Glad you had a wonderful day!


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