Sunday, October 18, 2009

From Bland to Bling!

I mentioned that I would be working on a little project for myself. It involved my Rolodex. Well, I took time this evening to work on just that. My boring Rolodex with no personality needed a little something extra.

I had seen the cookie cutter shape from Quickutz, the round address card made to fit in a Rolodex style organizer. I really wanted one, but so far haven't been able to justify the expense of yet another die that may or may not get a lot of use. So, I did a little creative finagling.

Instead of buying the new die I simply did a little adjusting to my existing die. Using the QK CC Nesting Flowers I opted for the largest of the dies. I cut my flowers out of some DCWV glitter paper and is where it gets fun...I used a very simple tool to punch the notches in the bottom of the "card". This tool can be picked up in most office supply stores for next to nothing. It is a hole punch for business cards. It will punch your notches so the business card will fit into your Rolodex.
Once the holes were punched I then cut about 1/8" off the bottom to make a nice straight edge. This of course was necessary because you need the cards to fit neatly so they can rest properly in the Rolodex. After that, a few pieces of ribbon were cut and stapled on alternating sides to assist in finding my information more easily.
Here is another area where I had some fun...I did not go traditional A-Z. Instead, I chose my categories: Family - Friends - Food (Oh yes, have to have the three Fs in there, who could live without them?) - Business - Doctors - School - Websites. These are categories that worked for my needs, if you try this you may have others you want to use, GO FOR IT! Have some fun with it!
After deciding on the category names I used my QK Squeeze and my Sunshine Alpha to do my letters. Of course I had to make it pop a little more so some outlining was in order followed by some rhinestone accents. I really like the way this turned out. It fits my personality better and offers me a more efficient way to find what I need when I need it. Yes, there is method to my madness.

Now, I just have to fill in all of those blank cards with all of my favorite websites and people. This could take a while.

Until next time...keep your hands busy!



  1. This is FANTASTIC, Gwen! What an awesome way to spruce up your rolodex w those glittery cute papers and your diecuts-this is genius! LOVE it!

  2. This is a really cute idea, Gwen. Wow.... Gave me a good idea on my boring Rolodex.


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