Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Answer the Call for a RAK

Well, here is the RAK. Everything is brand spanking new and sealed in the origianl packaging.

I'm typing this blog to see if we can pull together and help a very worthwhile cause. Now, I know, I know there are so many good causes out there and we are limited in what we can and cannot do. Still, if you make can help. If you can afford the cost of a single postage can help. If you have a few dollars laying around in loose change and feel like splurging on a feel good can help...this will make you feel good. Want to get your children involved in helping others and teach them about kindness and can help.

MACS...Make A Child Smile is in dire need of help. What do they do? They assist families who have children with terminal illness. This evening I read that the economy slump has caused the majority of their sponsors to back out. They are not getting the donations that they previously did. Recently, they assisted three families with funeral expenses, giving them $1,000 each. They were happy to do this but donations are trickling in and now they do not know how many more families they will be able to help in the future. If things keep on the path they are...they may have to close operation. What a shame that would be.

I would like to challenge each person who comes across this blog to 1) Visit 2) Pick a child whether a featured child or a child on the urgent list and make them a card 3) Post the MACS site address on your blog to help gererate some awareness 4) Leave a comment on this blog with a link to your blog and pic your card...

Why? Anyone who can do these things will be entered into a drawing for a little RAK from me. Yes, I said it...I'm personally giving a RAK away. Let's call it act of kindness deserves another and I want to do everything I can to encourage support of this foundation.

PLEASE...PLEASE...let me repeat...PLEASE, don't just take my word for it...go to the MACS site at and research it for yourself. Once you see the faces of those precious children I know you will feel the motivation to at least make a card and send it.

Don't forget your kindness may earn you a RAK for me. You have until 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday, July 31st to get your cards and comments posted on my site. I will draw the random winner and have it posted by Sunday, August 2nd.

I don't have the RAK together yet but I promise it will be full of fun stuff. I will make it a value of at least $25 or more dollars. Try to have a photo posted before this weekend. (See, I just decided to do the RAK as I was typing and my main objective is to get the word out about the MACS Foundation...cart before horse kind of thing...maybe.)

Spread the word. Enjoy making your cards. Many thanks.


  1. Hi Gwen, Finally got my card posted, along with a photo of Ariel, the young lady I am sending a card to, plus I put the MACS logo in my sidebar. So if the link works, here is:

    My Entry

  2. Gwen!I just saw this or I would have joined in!!!!!!I hate that I can't make something today as we are traveling and preparing for my little guys birtdhay party!!! Promise on next time!


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