Friday, March 1, 2013

A New Mo Manning Image!

Earlier this week I had to take, Bekah to get an eye exam. She's had some headaches and a few complaints of things looking blurry. Turns out she has an eye issue that causes her to have trouble focusing up close for more than a couple minutes. With all the reading she's doing in 1st grade its been causing her some difficulty. So, my little, Bekah will be sporting new glasses. They should be in next week and that means, she'll be wearing them to school next week.

If you remember what it was like for kids that wore glasses when you were in school, you know why I'm a bit nervous for her. I want to do a few things to make it easier on her. A couple of fun surprises for her to transition her into the comfort zone of spectacles. I have a cute new outfit for her to wear her first day with glasses. It features a little bird wearing glasses and says "Just Be You". I think she'll like it. She's pretty great and if she just remembers that, than she'll be fine.

I also want to give her a card to help celebrate this new stage of her childhood. (One that is temporary according to her eye doctor.) I just couldn't find an image that was quite right. I love ,Mo Manning's images at Mo's Digital Pencil and searched through her vast collection. There are so many fantastic images but I couldn't find one with a little girl in eye glasses. So, I wrote a little note to, Mo and asked her where I could find one just in case I was over looking it. Well, here is what happened next...

Two hours later she posted this new image in her store. FABULOUS! I was so flabbergasted I commented about it, she replied that yes, this was based on my request. I was so flattered and excited. Not only did she care enough to make this image, she made it absolutely age appropriate for my seven year old daughter and completely adorable! Oh, did I mention it went from request to store in about two hours? She is so talented and quick to boot...LOL!

Either way you look at it, the image is fantastic and I'm so grateful to have it for, Bekah's card.

Thanks again, Mo!

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