Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vegetarian? or Vegan?

So, I'm doing some research into a healthier lifestyle. I have done some poking around in the vegan lifestyle and find that it appeals to me...a lot. However, a dear friend of mine pointed out one small issue with veganism...B12.

B12 is needed in our diets. It helps things like our nervous system and helps us avoid dementia. So, I'm thinking I want this. B12 can't be found in plant only diets. Bummer! You could take a pill for it but the pills are synthetic compounds, or so I'm told. (Will research this in greater detail too.) Since taking one more pill is something I'm trying to avoid I'm not liking this idea. Nor do I like the idea of adding anything else synthetic into my system. We get enough of that in the guise of "safe" processed foods and hey, I'm learning how "unsafe" they really are.

So, my delima has lead me to the idea that maybe I should just fore go the meat altogether but take a less aggressive approach and become a vegetarian. I could still eat dairy (organic is best) and eggs. The problem? I've been watching some of the ways that industrialized farms mistreat and torture, not to mention neglect the animals that go into producing dairy and eggs. I have a conscience and its known to whisper little sweet nothings of guilt in my ear when I'm doing something that I know is wrong, or would support something that is eat dairy from cows that been forced to be pregnant via invetro for the purpose of milk production.

Why am I typing this up and opening myself up to ridicule? I'm looking for thoughts on this issue. Pros and cons. Other people who may have taken this step. I've already had one friend decide that this was insanity, so I'm looking for other opinions that may be a bit more pro so I can make an informed and balanced decision.

Any takers out there?

Oh, to date I haven't eaten any meat since...Friday? A little teeny pepperoni on a Chef Boyardee Pizza. I'm not even sure if that counts...aren't those things super processed food stuffs like imitation bacon bits? Who knows? The fact is that I'm trying to cut meat so I can live healthier, live longer, drop my cholesterol levels and my trigs to normal ranges. The added bonus of weight loss is very appealing too.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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