Friday, February 3, 2012

20-12 Catch Up

Okay, I'm behind a few days...AGAIN! This cold has me so stuffed up in the head, my sinuses have had so much pressure my eyes won't focus. So, my blogging has suffered for it...LOL! Anyway, here goes the past few days in my little life.

This is when my cold started in. My life has revolved around tissues, thermometers and cold pills for about a week now. YUCK!

Our pretty Cleo Kitty. I saved her from the lonely life of a street cat in 2004. Only to turn her into an outside cat in 2005 due to Todd's allergies mixed with a small house and no where to keep a litter box away from Bekah. She is very loyal and quite the kitty. She follows commands. Not kidding, the only cat I know that you can tell to go home and she does. Tell her to get out of the street and she will. She is silly and so super sweet. Love her tiny little features and her petite size.

So, Todd and I couldn't sleep the other night so we decided to turn up the heat a little bit. We broke out a fresh deck of cards and went head to head in 500 Rummy. He won...he always does. It was nice to do something so simple and be playful (we trash talk each other the entire time we stupid and hilarious).

"Lucy! You got some 'splaining to do!" This is the one I worry about. Aubrey! She thought it would be fun to put her panty hose on her head and walk around in my dress shoes after the meeting on Wednesday night. When I asked her to stop so I could get a picture, she struck this pose. Too funny! I can see this in her high school year book come senior year...Muwhahaha!

The long walk home from the bus stop. Its only at the end of our cul de sac but Bekah is met each day by me and her little sister. Her older cousin, Jasmine walks with her most days too. This was a particularly hard day for her since she'd had an incident with another little one on the bus. Bekah got "kicked" off the seat (literally) and knocked onto the floor. So Jasmine came to her rescue. She was really so glad to have her bigger cousin there to look after her.

Oh, how I love creative learning! The kindergarten students got to dress up as 100 year old elderly ladies and gents today. Why? To celebrate the100th day of school of course. Bekah looked so super cute all donned up in her rollers, hair net, glasses and accessories. She did wear her slippers with her outfit to school. The entire class was a hoot! There were some with gray spray on their hair and drawn on beards and mustaches. One little girl had a baton for a cane. So happy I can help with her classroom and enjoy all the fun and learning. Aubrey went too. She was sporting curlers and a hair net. She also had a sweater and some beads with pink glasses.

I have to say that Mrs. Howard is such an understanding teacher. She allows Aubrey to come with me while I assist the class. Aubrey gets to join in the centers and rotate with her sister. She is learning right along with the other students and loves it! Until it is time to leave. Leaving is not something she loves and I usually have to carry her out crying and kicking. That part...not so much fun.



  1. So sorry you have been sick. This cold is a doozy! I am still fighting something! These pictures are hilarious! Love the one of your daughter and the pantyhose. The elderly woman is adorable too!

  2. Love the pics of the girls and Cleo. Did the little brat that kicked Bekah out of the seat get disciplined? I sure hope so. Aubrey's pantyhose hat is a hoot! Hope your sinus thing gets better. Love you all!

  3. Mom, you'd have to ask Tiffany. Jasmine told her about it, I over heard it. The kid that did it came home the next day holding hands with Bekah, so I'm guessing she got a talking to. The bus driver is moving Bekah out of that seat anyway. She'll be sitting with two older girls who are bus helpers.


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