Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two days of 20-12

January 14th

After an especially cruddy week, Sheryl, (who has been my best buddy since I was seven years old) took me to dinner at Longhorn in Chillicothe. When we went to get a table the wait time was one hour and thirty to forty minutes. We had no kids with us so we opted to sit in the bar area. We got fast service! Our waiter was named, Jason, he took very good care of us, even made sure they cut my steak for me in the kitchen since I only had one arm.

The bar had different lights in it that made the bottle of liquor glow. I thought it was kind of pretty so I took a photo of it. Didn't get to have any drinks, although I would have liked to, the shoulder meds don't mix with alcohol. However, the iced tea and lemon were very good.

January 15th

I wasn't sure what to photograph today since I didn't go anywhere. I didn't see anything of interest. I was at a loss. Then it dawned on me...I have something of interest I look at often. It lives across the field behind my backyard. I see it every time I do the dishes from my window and each time I step out the back door. The same thought fills my mind every single time my eyes rest upon it...

What in the world is holding this thing up?

If you look closely at the barn you can see an awning of sorts. Its a mass of lumber that has been falling apart like a bad game of pick-up-sticks since I've lived in my home (built it in 1998). Every year a little more falls down. Each stormy day and windy night you can hear the wood creaking and swaying.

I suppose when it finally falls down, I'll miss it. I'll miss the wonder of how it still stands, unsupported and toppling over itself. Like so many common sites that errod away with time and decay, this too shall pass.

Then where will all the barn cats go?



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