Saturday, January 14, 2012

Three days of 20-12 Photos

Okay here are the past three photos for my 20-12 pics. I've been a bit pre-occupied and also have a bum arm...well, shoulder. Boo-hoo right? LOL!

My new sidekick. My arm sling. Have to wear this since I got a sprained A-C joint taking my little sweet Jasper out to pee. Never thought I'd be outdone by a 15 pound dog!

Here is a view of our local courthouse ceiling. Isn't it pretty? The artist who did the paintings also worked on the walls. He was pretty famous and I sincerely do not remember his name. I really think we have a very lovely historical courthouse.

Miss Anna...oh, how I love her. She was rummaging through her belongings trying to figure out what to take to her father's. She found quite a lot and left the rest on the floor. Wow! I know what she'll be doing next weekend. LOL!


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