Saturday, January 21, 2012

20-12 Three More Days...

Took this out the back door. The sunrise reminded me of my Grandpa. When I would stay over night, Grandpa and I used to stand at the east side of the house where there were large sliding glass doors. We'd just stand there, silent, watching the sun come up. He drinking his coffee and me eating my cereal. It was a very good thing.

Grade cards! Bekah's very first...she had good marks and a great evaluation. Above grade level! She starts her excellerated reading program on Monday. So proud of her!

I'm proud of Anna too. She's had a crazy first half of school with lots of appts. and time missed at school. Her course of study was pretty strenuous too. Still, she got Honorable Mention! Way to go, baby girl!

Anna and the girls were playing dress up late this morning. When it came time to eat everybody felt like pancakes. So we had "Princess Pancakes" today for brunch. It was cute. Its these little things I'll miss when they are all grown up.


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  1. Wonderful photos! The sunrise is just gorgeous. And I absolutely love the "Princess Pancakes" picture.:)


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