Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 10 Reason Why My Teenager Doesn't Bring Friends Home

Okay here are the top 10 reasons why Anna doesn't like to bring her friends home. (In my opinion...LOL!)

10) Messy cluttered house

9) She doesn't have her room cleaned up

8) The gerbil cage stinks...I'm talking TOXIC

7) Its easier than trying to explain that you have to jiggle the handle when you flush or the toilet won't shut off

6) Afraid that Todd will come out of his man cave with no shirt on (JK honey!, we love your man belly)

5) Bekah...won't leave them alone

4) Aubrey...won't leave them alone

3) I'll say something strange like dishevelled and confuse them

2) I'll drag out the scrapbooks and show off her cute baby pics...even the naked ones

And the number one reason why Anna won't bring her friends over is because they might leave the house looking like this...

Yes, this is Anna's bff Sarah. She got a nose bleed at our house that was a real gusher. I remembered that athletes will use tampons when they get injured to stop a nosebleed...and the rest as they say is history.

Thank you Kotex for creating a little colorful tampon that matched Sarah's tank top so she could save it for later. Not to mention one that was small enough to fit in her nostril.

I just love this kid. Really, she is a wonderful young girl and I'm glad that she and Anna have such a good relationship.

Hugs to you both!
Love Mom!


BTW...we have permission from Sarah and her mother to post this. :~)


  1. OMG...too funny! Maybe her mom will let you scrap that pic too! Can you imagine?!! rofl I don't think I want to know what the embellies would look like! :-D

  2. Gwen, I chuckled through this entire post. Loved it.

  3. OMG- I cracked up with laughter when I saw the pic & read the post- just too funny- now that is a great pic to share on her 21st LOL!

    Hugz, Deb


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