Monday, May 30, 2011

Brooke Has Graduated!

Our oldest, Brooke, graduated from High School yesterday. Here she is picking up her diploma from the Superintendent. Todd and I both got teary eyed when she got it. We are so sentimental...LOL.

After graduation she went to her grandmother's house and we took a few photos. Her grandfather brought out one of his classic cars for her to use as a prop. She looks like she is arriving in style here. Love it!

She also took time to share the moment with her little sisters. They were so proud of her. Neither were sure what it meant to graduate but they understood it was big achievement for her. As hot as it was in the gymnasium, they two of them sat still and were very well behaved.

Todd is still coping from the realization that his baby girl is growing up. We are both very proud of Brooke. The future is wide open for her and we will be there to support and encourage her along the way. Love you, Brookie!


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