Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Please Help Bekah Win

Bekah and I have been HUGE fans of the Fancy Nancy Books from the original release...we got it when Bekah was just a few months old. It became a favorite and we have as many of the readers and hardbacks as we can find.

When Miss Bekah was three we had her very first Fancy Nancy Party at the local BK Restaurant. Everybody that attended had to dress in fancy attire. Moms and Grandmas too. What a spectacular day to be at BK! We all made the big mascot look normal...LOL! Feathers were everywhere. Glitter...goody bags full of even more accessories to be added to the boas and tiaras. It was fabulous!

So, I just found out that there was this fun contest and Bekah is at just the right age to be a contestant. Though we've had other Fancy Nancy Excursions we can't seem to find any photos better than this one for the contest rules. So, please, click and vote for my little Bekah...pretty please with sugar and a tiara on top...


1 comment:

  1. This is sweet! I looked for her but could not find her. I must have overlooked her. Do you know what number she is? I will vote for her.


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