Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fantastic Day!

Okay, if you woke up in south central OHIO today you more than likely were greeted with the promise of a GORGEOUS AUTUMN day. The chill was in the air, we had a breeze, my windshield required defrosting from the layer of condensation that covered my view. The air didn't smell of horse manure, not today, (thank goodness a reprieve first day in two weeks), but it was fresh and cool and oh, so welcome to my little nose.

Bekah, Aubrey and I headed out in field service. I drove, with a full group. Connie, Francine and Lisa joined us. I swear we were such chatty and chipper girls today. We had so many giggles. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day.

Hope everyone else out there in blogger ville had a fabulous Friday too.

Saturday is going to be a real treat. I've asked hubby to bring me a 5 gallon bucket of joint compound. I'm going to start on my dining room wall treatment. This will be done prior to the paint going up. I need to blend it so that you won't really notice the transition from the dining area to the kitchen area. This may be difficult since they share walls. So, be on the watch for more embarrassing photos of my ever chaotic home. This process is taking so long but I'm optimistic that it will much improved and so much more aesthetically pleasing when done. Keep your fingers crossed for me...LOL!

Keepin' those hands busy!


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  1. Hi Gwen!
    Glad you had a nice day in service. (and no horsey smell! I know what you're talking about~ only its normally chicken or pesticide) We'll be looking for those chaotic pictures! It makes the rest of us feel so much better about our day to day messes. :-)lol
    Hugs from your sister


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