Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Paisley Beth...

My little sister, Barbie added a new little bundle of sweetness to our family this July. She was born on the 9th while I was out of state so I didn't get to be there. BUMMER! However, I have been able to see her little round cheeks and her perfect little face. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

See for yourself...

Here is another...

Look at how tiny she is...so precious too.

I've a very proud Aunt right now. Her favorite Aunt on her Mommy's side of course.
(Yes, I'm Barbie's only sister...LOL!) Of course I might have some steep competition from my sisters-in-law...RATS! Forgot about that angle...hehehe.

We love you little Paisley Beth!

Welcome to the family!



  1. Oh what a beautiful gift sent from our heavenly Father! She is absolutely beautiful! And what a beautiful name! Congratulations Aunt Gwen!


  2. Ohhhhhh I have always thought that the greatest creations came from The Creator Himself!! She is a DOLL!! What a sweet little post today, I just love babies and children. Congratulations to you and your extended family! Never give up the title of Favorite Aunt! heehee!

  3. She is so tiny and fragile!!! she is absolutely adorable!!! I wish you all the luck little Paisley Beth!!! Welcome to the world!

  4. She is beautiful and so is her favorite Aunt on her Mothers side! Beautiful name too. I love your new blog decorations, looks fab! ~Diane

  5. Awww...what a little sweetie!! Congrats Auntie!!

  6. Awww where do I start? First of all, BEAUTIFUL baby niece! Second, AWESOME and amazing pictures! I'm so sorry i haven't been around more-between CHA, computer crashing,s and random stuff, I hav missed you and can't thank you enough for stopping by my blog when you do. Hey, are you not on FB anymore btw? I looked for you to write on your wall the other day and couldn't find you. If only we had more time for all that stuff, right?

    Oh-and AWESOME new blog look-so pretty!!! Hope you are doing well, sweetie!

  7. Congrats! She's so cute and squishy! I miss those days :)
    hugs, margie

  8. What a little cutie! Those cheeks must be a family trait, seems I've seen them before. ;-)
    She sure is a tiny little princess. Barbie is no doubt a proud Mama; evidently so is Auntie Gwen. (1-8-3)


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