Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oops! I'm Okay...

Tonight is a pretty slow night around the Hesson household. We have had a nice day spending time together and relaxing. So, as I'm sitting in the living room with the two youngest of my daughters and answering email, I didn't think twice as Bekah announced that she had to go potty. I didn't think twice about it until I heard a loud thud coming from the bathroom.

I toss the laptop aside and run into the bathroom to find Miss Bekah repositioning herself atop the commode. Before I can ask how she is, she offers the statement, "I fell off the potty...I'm okay." Oh, good, I'm releived. Then, she bursts into tears! Oh, no! I'm concerned! When I start looking over her head and face and shoulders for major boo-boos she repeats, "I'm okay!" Uh-oh, now I'm just confused.

"If you are alright, Bekah, then why are you crying?", I inquire. Her reply? (Now, brace yourself this is a little graphic and could be offensive to some who are a bit squimish.) Her reply was in a very distraught, hysterical, tearful voice with a pain riddled face..."I've got pee on my toes!"

At that moment, I nearly had pee in my pants from restraining my laughter!

Once Bekah was cleaned up and in dry clothes again, she felt much better. So, I talked with her being very consoling of course and then we laughed together. Oh, the joys of raising little girls who can sometimes be a bit dramatic. I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world!



  1. Love your story about Bekah, she is such a sweetie! ~Diane

  2. LOL! What a cute story!! Kids are hilarious!

  3. This definitely brought a big smile to my face. You're right, girls can be so dramatic! Thanks for sharing.:)



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