Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WoW Wednesday...

Today ladies and gentlemen is a bitter sweet day in my life. It is the beginning of a brand new, exciting, intimidating right of passage for my beautiful teen aged daughter...She starts High School. She's ready. I'm not.

Last night on the way to pick up some last minute school supplies, I started singing the words to one of my favorite songs about a mother's love for her child. I looked at my Anna and it was like a movie went off in my head of her life...from her birth to toddling to ABC's and 123s to best friends and fighting with friends...she's not a baby anymore...she's not a little girl anymore...she's a young lady. I started crying. I'm such a big cry baby.

On the up side of things, I'll get to make four wonderful new scrapbooks for her. One for each year. She'll get to make lots of great new memories, new friends, new crushes and unfortunately, new heartbreaks. I hope and pray that she cherishes each moment and learns from the disappointments as much as she learns from the joys. I pray she maintains her pure heart, her kindness and her caring nature. These being more innate to Anna than learned.

These can be hard years for any child. Forming years. In the end...she won't be a child anymore, she'll be a young woman. But, she'll always be my baby. My little miracle. I'm so not ready for her to be so grown up.

So, I'll suck it all up, put on a smile and take her to breakfast this morning at 6:30 A.M. like we have done the first day of school since pre-school. I'll embarrass her by taking photographs of her in the school drop off zone...laughing to her that she's only got three years left of me doing this. When I get home I'll upload the pics and look at them a dozen times or more until she gets home from school. Then we'll get to talk about all the fun stuff. Which teachers made a good impression, which didn' she is excited about the promise of a new year and all of its possibilities.

Wow Wednesday is right!


  1. OMG, Gwen...this is a wonderful precious story I've just read. I know the feeling because I went through all of those emotions as my son (who is now 40) grew. Years fled. I wish I had them back. Have a special day....

  2. Awww, Gwen. So sweet! Good luck to DD in high school. Good luck to you, you'll be fine :o)
    Missed ya!
    Cara DCRU DT


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