Friday, June 5, 2009

Time for the Girls to Play...

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me. I get to spend the day with my oldest (not in age, but longest running duration in years) friend. We have known one another since we were seven years old. We have been friends for thirty years this January. (NO, not dog years, human years!)

How will we spend our day? Why scrapbooking of course! We are going to a crop where we will have ample space to work (although we are both table hogs and no space is ever big enough), be fed nutritious snacks of fresh fruits, cheeses and crackers, have a delicious meal catered to us and did I mention...DESSERT? Oh, yes, some of the best cakes I've ever had come from my Relaxation Crops. Just thinking about them has my mouth watering. (And we wonder why I'm over-weight? Hmmm?)

The food will be wonderful but the real treat is the time we will have together "feeding" our friendship with laughter and reminiscing. We never run out of things to talk about and often finish each others sentences. We laugh until we cry and then we laugh some more. Sheryl (my friend does have a name, I should have introduced her earlier), and I can just look at one another, know exactly what we are thinking and laugh, leaving everyone else around clueless as to what they missed out on. I truly wish that each person I know had a person in their lives like that. I pray my daughters find a friend they can grow with, a friend like I have in Sheryl. She calls me "her person" and she is "my person". The one you go to when you need to ground yourself, your touching stone, your safety zone, your wake up call when you need one. She is so much more than my friend, she is family. Not the family that we are born to and share genetics with. No, this is a different kind of family that is special because they choose us and we choose them and your bond is something that spans a lifetime.

I'm so grateful that we get a day to ourselves to pull those binding ties closer together and keep our friendship thriving. A friendship after all is just like any other relationship, it needs nurturing as a part of regular maintenance to flourish and grow. Neglect it and it may become unbalanced, possibly unhealthy and can dissolve. So, if you have a dear friend like my him or her up, make a date and celebrate your friendship doing something that you both enjoy. Throughout your lifetime you will have innumerable acquaintances, but will be extremely fortunate to have at least one true friend. They are treasures and we should cherish them.

Can't wait 'til morning! I'm packed and ready to go: Chocolate coverd raisins - Check! Salty bag of chips to counter act the chocolate - Check! Bag of beef jerky, (because it seems you need to have beef jerky in order to complete any task properly in the eyes of Wally World and the overwhelming number of jerky displays on the endcaps)... - Check! A box of tissues for the tears that will follow the uncontrollable bouts of laughter - Check! Time away from kids and husband to spend with your oldest bff - Priceless! We are going to have so much fun...
We are going to have so much fun...

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