Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Challenge LO

Here is my little lovely...recently graduated from the eighth grade and also turned the big 14. Took her first out of state trip without her Mommy. Learned how to boogey board. Realized she really does miss her poor old mom when she isn't around and wasn't too big to hug me in public (more than once) when I picked her up from her return home. Wow! That is a lot to deal with in less than a week. She's holding up pretty well and, for the record, so am I.

I did this LO based on a competition guideline regarding circles. (See the scrap n art blog.) You have to use circles in your designs and are able to get creative. I tried to add a ribbon circle...little loppy, have circle clips holding the metalic letters, circular embellies on the flowers and butterflies, circle brads holding down the ribbon, Oh, there is also a circle on the photograph...well the "seal" isn't quite a true circle but close enough.

The photo I had taken at her eighth grade graduation ceremony. Using a photo editing program (Creative Memories Memory Manager 3.0) I turned the surrounding area to black and white. Then I blurred it to bring the focus onto Anna. The color is strictly on her also done to bring her to center stage. I used an edge blending selection to give the photo a hazy look around her. It really softened the edges where the color and b&w met...made it look so much better.

Hope to have another great LO based on her loaded tomorrow. For now, the laundry calls and so do the children.

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  1. How do you keep cranking out such cool pages, Gwen? You are soooooo talented!


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