Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exciting Day Toward a Healthier Me.

Today was a great day on my journey toward a healthier me. Recently I signed up for an amazing program that is offered through our health insurance company. I now have a Life Coach to assist me in my goals of better nutrition and weight loss. A person that I will have telephone conversations with regarding my goals and concerns. Someone that will be honest with me and will hold me accountable for my health. I so needed this!

Is this possible for every person out there? Probably not. Had our insurance not provided this benefit, I wouldn't have been able to afford the luxury of a Life Coach. That is why I jumped at the chance. Who knows what benefits will be dropped in the coming year? Not me. So, why take the risk and miss out on such a great opportunity? For those who don't have an insurance plan that would cover this type of coaching...here is what I suggest. Find a person that you are close to, someone who can be honest with you no matter what, someone who has your best interests in mind, someone who has the time to talk with you once a week and ask you how you are doing with your goals. This person may not be a husband or a best friend. Sometimes they are too close to you and fear hurting you when it comes to your weight. After all, they are our cheerleaders, they route for us, they want our successes, they also know how damaged our self-esteem may be and may be too protective of us to be completely honest.

I suppose the very first thing needed to find this person is to know what we want. Make a list of the desired goals and how you plan to work toward these goals. Think of your person in terms of who will be there to kick your booty back in line when you get out of line. When you breech your goals, that is the person you want to coach you back toward the finish line. Keep your cheerleaders too. You will need them. Just don't allow them to make excuses for you. If you are like me...you do that just fine on your own.

Speaking of excuses...I haven't read my assignments yet. Yes, I've got homework for this program. Looks like I'd better stop blogging and start getting myself ready for some serious work. Look out me...its time to get healthy again!

P.S. My weight this week didn't change much. Went to 133 lbs. Didn't measure waist.

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