Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Brand New Box of Crayons

Is there any feeling (artistically speaking) better than purchasing a brand new box of crayons? You get them home...sit in front of the box...open the lid, sniffing in the fragrance of the colorful bouquet of wax sticks, and welcome in the possibilities that are only limited by your imagination.

I love crayons...have kept a box for myself when I color with the girls. Recently, however, I gave my special box to my eldest daughter. Now, I have the strongest desire to sit with my little box of possibilities and a blank page and doodle until my wee little heart's content. Alas, I am without my dear little friends! I think it is time to procure for myself a new box. One with 120 colors just waiting for me to scribble with them. Perhaps the next time I am in town I'll bring them home.

I love the feeling that comes from creative inspiration. Whether it be from a simple box of crayons, a new stamp, a wonderful collection of patterned papers and fabulous embellishments...expressing your inner child or advanced artistic abilities is such a wonderful thing. Lets see what we can create in the days to come. I'm hoping for some spectacular LOs and a chance to expand my comfort zone with the use of new techniques. (I still want those crayons. I think I'll start my sketches with them.) Let the fun begin!


  1. Gwen, I can relate to your description of the crayons.My Mom told me once that her favorite part of a store was the stationary section with all of the pretty paper, crayons and colored pencils (for those beautiful paper doll clothes she made). I would loved to have taken her to a scrapbooking store. It would have been hard to get her out!
    Thanks for jogging my memory. Have you got those crayons yet?

  2. In answer to Ali's question regarding the crayons..."No, I haven't purchased my crayons yet. I did, however get a new set of colored pencils to use with my stamps. Have to admit, I just love all my new colors!"


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