Year of Revival: Spiritual
If you know me, you know that I am a Jehovah's Witness...I try to be. I have some goals to meet this year regarding my personal study, field service, meeting attendance and the Ministry School.
Personal Study: Goal to read one publication (book) per month. (In addition to the regular study materials we are assigned.) One of the books originally on my list is now the CBS lesson...so I'm not sure what I want to start with. Maybe with something basic like Listening to the Great Teacher. I'll post it once I've figured it out.
Field Service Hours: Goal is to get 10 hours per month in addition to the BS time I have for family study. Making time for service mid-week should be fairly easy for me. With a retail job I do get some time available during the weekdays. I really want to get my girls out at least twice a month. The weekends are difficult though. I work a lot on the weekends when they don't have school. I have to plan ahead though and see what can be arranged.
Ministry School: To get back on the school. I haven't been on the school for some time. My attendance was and is the issue. Bekah wants to be baptized. She needs to take the proper steps and I need to set the example for her. I'm her first teacher and if I'm not doing my job as such...I already know the consequences. I don't like them.

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