YoR Personal 2014

Year of Revival Personal Goals: There are a few personal goals, weight of course...Dr.'s orders. Home organization. Financial organization, etc. Now, I may not share everything here but I will share what I can.
December start: 170
End of December: 168
January 3: 165
January 10: 163
 I'm hoping we are all caught up by year end. It would be nice not to have debt hanging overhead all the time. The medical bills are crazy with all of my surgical procedures,  tests and Todd's surgery. Last year we were hit hard.
January 9th: Paid two major hospital bills in full. That felt good.
The list is a little shorter.
Home Organization
We have a small house and too many things crammed into it. My goal is to work on creating a place of comfort and rest and clearing out the chaos and discord. We have rooms to paint and tweak. Rooms to clear out entirely and repurpose. Carpet that should be replaced. Study areas to set up because the homework is getting more difficult and kitchen table isn't always the best environment for learning and study. In essence a good thorough "simplifization" (yes, I've made that word up to fit the perfect verb for my purpose...LOL!) of our material things and a new focus on a personal sanctuary and place of escape from all the outside dysfunction in the world is what I'm aiming to create here.
As we get things done I'll post them. Right now the focus is getting the girls back in their room. We had a pipe leak and carpet damage along with some wall damage and mildew. The mildew is gone. The holes are still in the wall and the carpet is needing replaced. I'd love to repaint too. It has the original paint from when, Anna had that room. We are thinking about a pink shade. Something not to bright this time. No borders. But we have some super cute MLP wall decals to add to make it fun. I like the use of wall decals because they come off easily and we can replace them as the girls grow into new and exciting characters or interests.

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