Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

It seems it has been so long since I've posted, that I hadn't any clue how to add a button to my sidebar...Oh, BOY!

I don't have anything interesting to report, but have decided that I dislike Facebook so much, that I'll simply do a blog post and link it up to FB to avoid the over abundance of advertising.

I have some photos of the girls to post from first day of school. Fun little school papers that have been making their way home. Updates on the house that is still very much a disaster area and in need of multitudes of organizing, Crafty projects that need to be done and some that need to be finished. Especially one very overdue dress. Health and Well-being updates, etc.

I'm not promising anything inspiring but simple, basic updates on my daily living.

Sounds horrible...RIGHT? LOL!

Today...Bekah has been laying about with tummy troubles. She had a bad night of vomiting and belly cramps. I'm putting her back on the probiotics. They helped last year when she went through this.

Aubrey is entertaining herself with My Little Pony sets that Aunt Kimberly sent home for the girls this summer. She will play with those things for hours. I love to see her little imagination developing. But beware...if she knows you are paying attention to her little vocal dialogues and songs...she'll blush and quiet down. Shy little one. :)

Anna is a Freshman in doesn't seem possible. She is so busy with school and working that we don't get to see her much. Still, she did have a really good visit with her Grandma Ali recently, I'm so glad she made time for her grandma. It meant a lot to her and she was very pleased with their visit. It seems they are planning a monthly luncheon...I think that is wonderful!

On a lower note...our hearts are all a bit broken...Princess Poppy Felina is missing. Its been several days since we've seen her, Todd has talked to some neighbors about her and no one knows anything. I've been calling for her everyday and she doesn't come. We miss our Poppy. Bekah wants to post signs up and I think that is a good idea. However, her collar has my phone number on it, and nobody is calling. I'm guessing this is a case of theft rather than simply being lost.

Well, my little sickie is calling to me for assistance. Off I go.

Keep your hands busy!


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