Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creative Itch

Okay, its no big surprise that my creative itch has been gone for a while. My blog update just never got finished its still "under construction". And, where are all the projects?  I was tried to refocus, point my thoughts in a different direction in hopes that it would redirect my "funk" so-to-speak. Well, I think it did.
It brought to me to a realization that I need to be creative. Its part of who I am. Its a way that I can express myself. A positive way. A way that can make other people smile. A way that helps me to feel good about being me. Sooo... (I hate it when people trail off the end of a sentence with a dangling preposition like that...really.)
I'm going to start doing some creating again. I'm thinking of finishing two projects that have been weighing on my mind quite a bit and that are long overdue. I'm also thinking that I'd love to get out my stamps and do a few cards. Maybe jump into a few challenges just for kicks. I miss it.
While I'm not really expecting this to have an impact on the masses, I'm excited about the impact it might have on me.
So, until next time...
Keep your hands busy & smile!

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