Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4 20-12

Okay, this photo wasn't taken today, it was taken on the 2nd. However, I'm using it to showcase something that I finally figured out to make a cute watermark! So, my entry for the day is actually the watermark, not the photo...if that makes any sense. Still, the photo is of my darling, Bekah and I love it.

I may need to go back and tweek a little, like the font color. White usually works best for so many card projects, but I think I'll create a few watermarks with different font colors for every occassion...LOL! Its like a good pair of shoes you have to have them in more than one color.



  1. Great watermark Gwen. You could do a little tutorial on how to make them for us other poor peasants who haven't figured it out yet!!! LOL
    Great photo too, BTW.
    Dawn xx

  2. Great idea that Craftykitten has..... a tutorial for us on how to make a watermark. I love yours, and your darling Bekah is....well, she is just darling.


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