Thursday, August 4, 2011

He-art Journal Week 2

Anna and I had a very busy weekend with the District Convention. It was a wonderful three days spent surrounded by our brothers and sisters in faith. We received so much spiritual food that I know personally, I really needed to hear. I'm so grateful to have been there and experienced that privilege.

Monday, we got a little surprise for the two little ones while everyone was away at a Grandma's house. A new puppy! She's a sweet little puggle baby and her name is Daisy. You can see her on my facebook photos...I haven't figured out how to load my camera photos to blogger yet. Yes, I have a new cell phone and the camera is great for loading to facebook but I'm so inept at electronics and techy stuff I can't load them here yet. LOL!

Anna and I completed our He-art Journal entries for Week 2. Our theme was Sun, Sand, Beach. Here is what we came up with in our limited time:

Anna's project. She loves her little crab in the sand. Wish I would have moved that nasty stained pot holder that migrated to the table. Not sure why it is even there. Oh, well. Her entry is still pretty.

I think it took longer to draw those little feet than it would have taken to walk the Gulf of Mexico...LOL!

I'm sure there will be lots of fun updates to come but for now, I'm off to get something special for my husband.



  1. We had a great convention last week too. We're hoping to go back for at least one more afternoon and bring a bible student with us. Its something everyone has to experience firsthand!
    LOve and Hugs,

  2. The convention was wonderful. Jehovah always knows what we need. He is awesome!

    Gwen, I really like the He-art journals. Anna and you have done some really pretty things here!


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