Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quick Post of Interest

Okay, I'm so not with things today. Had to pick up Bekah from school yesterday because she threw up in the classroom trash can. An entire 1/2 hour of education! She's on a roll... She coughed and gagged all night in her sleep. Cried a few times...still sleeping...so, I'm running on empty today.

At right after 1:00 PM I realized it was Tuesday and I hadn't posted for the challenge blog at ACLP!!! How embarrassing!!!! Thankfully, Claudia finished the post I had started and tweaked it up a bit so not only do you get to get some great inspiration from our designers (sans me right now) you get another chance to win a FABULOUS prize. You can click HERE for the deets.

The "Interest" portion of this post comes in here...

Remember these?

Well you can find them on SALE right now at Die Cuts R Us!!!

I'm talking $4.50!!!

 Folks this is a steal! Not only that but many of these have now gone DIGI! Stop by the
Oh So Thankful Sale and check it out for yourself. I just ordered a really cute princess designed by Lori Boyd that will be a sweet little addition to Bekah's crafty supplies.

Well, my house has been neglected, this was a major cleaning day for me and I've got NOTHING done. So, I'm off! Hope to have my Inspiration Post live later today.



  1. On a another site I found a place that I guess you made a ribbon organizer out of a cosmetic case. There are several cases and I have a hard time figuring out from words what something looks like. Could you send a picture of the case or post on your site a picture. I have a huge messy box with ribbons in it. signed HELP


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