Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still Reorganizing!

Are you ready for the chaos that is MINE?

Here is what we've been living with the past week.

Anna cleaning out her "old" room. She was so happy to finally get out of her little girl room and start the transistion into her teen room.

Everything got moved into the living room. Including Bekah and Aubrey, we had to keep them safe.

There really is a table, sofa, love seat and chair under all of that mess. CRAZY!!!!

Tearing down the master suite. We had stuff all over the place. This will soon be my office / studio area. Right now it is just more clutter.

My office which is becoming Anna's study area. Her mattress sitting in the door way.

One of my favorites...our dinning room! Oh yeah, no room was left untouched by the chaos of what we are trying to accomplish.

Does it look this bad now? No, but it is still getting put back together. Things are still scattered everywhere. We've all got our beds set up and our dressers where they belong. We have even managed to get a large entertainment center and a larger dinning room table to seat our entire famiy. Now, we just need to figure out how to make it all fit. LOL!

I'll post more pics later, these will hopefully look like a home and not a fallout shelter.



  1. holy smokes! i cannot wait to see the after pics :) you guys are doing a great job-i am in the process of "remodeling" our mini-apt. and it feels like a bigger mess believe it or not hahaha...have a great rest of the weekend! luv you girl!


  2. WHOA!! Good luck getting all of it put away and re-situated again!!

  3. wow!!! good luck getting them all in place!! would love to see the "after" picks, to get some ideas!!!!!

  4. Yeahhh! I love seeing works in progress Gwen! I can't wait to see the end results, it will all be so worth the chaos. Love the look on Bekah's and Aubrey's faces!

  5. Oh my! Isn't it worse than moving? LOL! We have to reorganize ALL of our closets and the garage and I just wish that I could just throw it away and buy new stuff, lol! It's so hard to organize, isn't it?
    Good luck to you! I can't wait to see the after :)
    hugs, margie

  6. Cool, my house looks just like that! I have been doing another kind of paper crafting, removing 23 yr old wallpaper, lol. The Cricut spatula works wonders. We are all tore up her too. ~Diane


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