Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Something I Ponder On...

This is a little piece I wrote a few months back, Link to original post. I've been thinking about it again...

"The Human Condition"

I keep hearing the comment that we are all dealing with the "human condition" as if we are afflicted with some kind of a fungal infection that keeps recurring even after treatment. Hmm? Let me there any other condition that you would want to be a part of?

I rather like being in the condition of human. After is the only condition that I know and the only one I can fully comprehend. I was designed in the likeness of God, however, I am not designed as an equal to God, so I should of course not be in the condition of a powerful spiritual being with omnipresence.
I am an amimal of sorts but with a distinct and dare I say advantage to be fully aware of my opposable thumbs, my conscience and the privelege of free will. Not to mention the various other emotions and physical advantages of being a human rather than a fish or a mule. (Although it has been said that I am as stubborn as a mule, there really is no other likeness.)

This comment of the human condition as it has been referenced to leaves me cold. I happen to have some points that bring me to the conclusion that perhaps, those who refer to the "human condition" in a relatively negative manner are missing out on the fact that this condition is a gift. Some of these gifts include and yet, are not limited to:

The ability to express emotions such as delight and joy, remorse, forgiveness, trust, acceptance, elation, bewilderment, accomplishment, laughter, tears...

An ability to learn beyond a basic instinctual drive for existance and survival.

Appreciation...yes, so many things we can appreciate from a full belly to a piece of art. be moved by it and to create it.

Making love.

Knowing God and having the ability to reflect His attributes in our lives.

Oh, if I had an afternoon I could go on and on but I don't have an afternoon. I had a few minutes and they have expired. So, I think I'll leave you with this thought and perhaps you can give me some feedback.

If the human condition is such a plight and disadvantage, why do we spend so much time trying to preserve this condition through medicine and miracles? Are we a masochistic species? Or, deep down inside do even the worst sceptics have the inate ability to realize that our condition is really a blessing? A priceless precious gem to be treasured and protected.

Do you know of another condition that we should strive for? I find any other alternative to be rather bleek personally but I'm open for discussion on the issue. What do you think?


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