Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Butterfly Song...

I shared this with a friend who left me a sweet comment. Not really sure she got it because it hit the no-reply with blogger...oops! Thought I would share it with everyone else too.

I love butterflies. I've seen so many this summer. It does keep me hopeful.

We made up a little butterfly lullaby the other evening. My girls have a nightlight that spins, butterflies glow through the square frame, its quite pretty...it inspired me to make up this little song:

"Butterfly, butterfly, around she goes,
on gossamer wings and a soft wind that blows.

She lites on a blossom, on a clear summer's day.
Then flutters and flits off the butterfly way."

My girls loved it and they are singing it now too. I'm really going to have to write it down and create a LO of that memory. Just thought I'd share.



  1. Your poem reminds me so much of my mom and dad. You are familiar with Grandpa Leeth's little ditties, I know. Did you know about the little songs Granny Annie sang to Roger and me? You come from a long line of "poets". By the way, I really liked your Butterfly Song. ;-) 1-8-3 Mom

  2. how cute! my kids love when I make up songs. But My DD asked me to stop singing today...what a dear. LOL

  3. This is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! Awww thanks for sharing with us! LOVE made-up songs, esp when they're about butterflies! :)

  4. What a sweet little Butterfly poem, Gwen. I love it.
    Hope you are doing ok, girl.


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