Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a test

I've added some fun features to my blog and just want to see if they show up. We'll see. If you find them, please feel free to check a response. They should be at the comment area, but who knows? LOL!

I've got tons of cleaning to do and when I'm caught up, well, watch out my GALORE! I've got tons of pics to scrap from vacation and I fully intend to get started this weekend. Mom bought me a couple of really great Disney paper packs and I had gads of Disney stuff collected before we left. So, be prepared...just a warning...if you don't like Disney then avoid my personal posts for a while...hehehe.

Seriously, though, I've got to stop the dryer and fold some clothes, change the little one and wash her up, get myself cleaned up and head out to the Wednesday night Book Study and Ministry School. So, I'd better go. I've been a good girl though and already have dinner in the crock pot. I LOVE my Crock Pot!

Yes, sadly this is me with no makeup, no hair product, sick and feeling generally awful in Sweetwater, TN at the Lost Sea. This little fellow decided to crawl up my foot and made his way clear up to my head. He stayed there for over an hour. I didn't have the heart to move him. Once we could get him off of me without touching his wings we managed to hide him in a tree on the park site. I have to admit, it was one of the coolest things to have a beautiful butterfly make my forehead his home for the afternoon. Boy, do I look bloated though...YUCK!


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  1. Gwen, could this photo be any more darling? I love that butterfly who took flight to you and felt comfortable enough to stay for a while.
    He has some great adventures to tell his butterfly friends as do you.
    Hope you are feeling 1005 better.


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